Why Affirmation Pillows?

Firstly, you may already know that you can encourage your subconscious mind to accept new positive beliefs through repetition. When we repeat, or are exposed to, a life-enhancing positive affirmation over and over again, your subconscious mind is likely to start accepting it as a belief.

We manifest our reality through our thoughts, vibration, emotions and very importantly, through our beliefs. They arise from our experiences and the conclusions we have drawn from them, and they completely color and manifest our experiences.

Affirmation Pillows

In addition, if we believe that we can do something (like connect to our spirit guides or open our third eye) or can be something (like motivated or creative) our subconscious mind sets about making it so. Like a genie in a bottle, 'your wish is my command!' says your subconscious mind. 

Now, the wonderful thing about affirmation pillows is that, well, firstly, they make any room super cosy and comfy. And secondly, even if we are not consciously reading the words on the pillow every time we walk into a room, our subconscious mind is! 

The subconscious mind processes everything around us, we simply choose to focus our attention in certain directions. So, even if your not paying attention to the words on the pillow, your subconscious mind is. Consciously, you choose the pillow and bring it into your home for the benefits of the affirmations, beautiful look and comfy feel, but your subconscious mind does all the manifesting, without any conscious effort of yours at all. 

So, I hope you enjoy my range of affirmation pillows and spiritual pillows. Lots of love from me.

Nicky Sutton x