Affirmation Pillows

Beautiful affirmation pillows speak to your subconscious mind to help you manifest your desires, create beautiful experiences and enhance your divine gifts. Your subconscious mind pays attention to the messages on the pillows even if you're conscious awareness is on other things. We have spiritual pillows too, for strengthening your divine connection,

  • I love trees Pillow

    Premium Affirmation Pillow 'I Love Trees' with 'Trees Love Me' on the Reverse.

  • Sun and Moon Pillows

    Sun and Moon, Sleep & Awaken Premium Affirmation Pillow. Showing boh sides of the pillow here.

  • Third Eye Pattern Pillow

    Third eye patterned pillow. Stimulating your third eye to open up and receive wisdom.

  • Meet Your Spirit Guides Pillow

    'I Am Connecting with My Spirit Guides' Premium Affirmation Pillow

  • Energetic Protection Pillow

    Enhance your energetic protection with the power of positive affirmations. 'I am surrounded by divine light and I am fully protected'.

  • Sleep Affirmation Pillow

    'With these calming breaths, I move easily into a deep and restful sleep'. Feel yourself relaxing and preparing for deep sleep.

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  • I am more than enough pillow

    'I Am More Than Enough' Premium Affirmation Pillow

  • Sleep Affirmation Black Pillow

    'Sleep Comes Easily & Naturally To Me' Sleep Affirmations Bedroom Throw Pillow. The Reverse Reads: 'My Mind and Body Know How to Rest'.

  • Third Eye Pillow

    'My Third Eye is Opening' Premium Affirmation Pillow